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Music That Makes a Difference 2018

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Final Farewell to Florida Officer Killed By Teens

Atlanta (HLN) It’s the sound that will bring the most grizzled in law enforcement to tears.


They played at a church today in Florida as a community said a final farewell to Officer Robert German.

German was shot once in the head at 4:00a.m. on March 22nd in Windermere. The people accused of killing him were the exact ones he was there to protect.

Officer Killed

Officer Robert German – Killed in the Line of Duty

18-year-old Brandon Goode and his 17-year-old girlfriend, Alex Hollinghurst, were considered at-risk missing persons after “suicide notes” were found at their parents’ homes.

German spotted the pair and immediately called for back-up.

But by the time help arrived, Officer German lay bleeding in the street.

A short time later, gunshots rang out a block away. Goode and Hollinghurst had ended their lives.

A senseless tragedy.

Cop Killers

Cop Killers: Brandon Goode & Alex Hollinghurst

Inside that Florida church: friends, family and officers from around the state. There were flowers, photos and songs. And there were bagpipes.

And there were tears.

To German’s family, Windermere’s Police Chief Dave Ogden, said: “You are now our family. Robbie is our hero.”

“He was dedicated, he was committed, he was detail oriented… he was humble and he also liked to kid around,” the chief added. “I couldn’t have asked for any more.”

Robert’s father, Tim German, also spoke. “Our son has been taken from us, from all of us… at a time in his life when he was so very happy.”

Written and produced by: Ben Bamsey for HLN’s “Now: On the Case.”

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