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Families struggle to survive in Syria’s civil war

Atlanta (CNN) Life inside Syria has been Hell for the last four years.

Earlier this week — the scramble to save a bloody boy — a victim of what’s said to be an aerial bombing by regime forces over the Damascus suburb of Douma City. Destruction in every direction.

Finding safe shelter in Syria is no easy task.

in syria 1

A family profiled for this CNN story fled their home and now live life on the run.

For now, a half-built apartment in Jaramana will have to do. Make-shift drapes provide their only privacy.

The mother says her daughters wish to have many things that she cannot provide. The family is barely getting by and she’s pregnant.

“It’s not fair for the baby to come to this life,” she said. “We used to walk around at night — but now we are afraid to walk even during the day.”

In a nearby building, another family is also struggling. The family of seven eat, live and sleep on a mattress in another curtained off room which serves as their home.

Two of their children are suffering from kidney failure. Everything they have goes to pay for their treatment.

“I have lived in very difficult conditions with my children,” the mother said. “But I thank God for what we do have.”

Her son misses his old life. “I want to eat everything and drink anything,” he said.

in syria 2

The Aleppo skyline is serene from up high, but on ground level, it tells a very different story.

It’s a war-weary city that gets an hour-and-a-half of electricity each day.

So a mother and her three children, featured in the CNN piece, bundle up. It’s cold in their home.

One of the boys says that he’s trying to do well in school. He wants to make his dad happy. “He’s in paradise,” the boy said.

The boys call their father a martyr.

They play football without his coaching among piles of rubble in the empty streets.

The oldest boy has asked God to take the Syrian president’s life. “Only then can we relax and live a good life without killings and injustice,” he said.

Written and produced by: Ben Bamsey for “CNN Newsroom.”

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