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Coach benched for F-bomb laced 17-minute tirade

Atlanta (HLN) A 17 minute tirade full of F-bombs and insults caught on tape.

It features a high school baseball coach ripping into his players after a loss.

Now, the longtime coach and athletic director at La Mirada HS in California is on paid administrative leave while the board decides his fate.

COACH BROOKS 2“I’ve been here a long time,” Coach Kim Brooks says at the beginning of the recording. And then he goes off… “And I will tell you that was probably the most pathetic (EXPLETIVE) baseball game I’ve ever seen a group play.”

Brooks’ rant continued…

“There is a lot of (EXPLETIVE) pride about this program. You just (EXPLETIVE) on it.”

Brooks proceeded to repeatedly curse at his players, question their skills and dedication and invited them to transfer to another school.

“Show me some respect!” he shouts. “If you don’t have any… (EXPLETIVE) get out of here! Pack your (EXPLETIVE) and go!”


Brooks acknowledged that it was his voice on the tape. He told the Whittier Daily News, “My language was inappropriate. I was trying to motivate my team after a very poor performance, and I apologize about the language.”

COACH BROOKS BIRDThe school district released the following statement: “The Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District appreciates the serious nature of the content of the recording, and as such is conducting a full investigation into the matter. Pending completion of the investigation, Mr. Brooks will remain on paid administrative leave in order to preserve the integrity of the investigation process.”

Many want the coach benched for good but others are coming to his defense on Twitter – #freetheredman.

HLN spoke with Coach Brooks today. He declined an on-air interview request until he hears final word from the school board which he expects will come tomorrow. Meantime, he is heartbroken about missing tonight’s baseball game.

Written and produced by: Ben Bamsey for HLN’s “Now: On the Case.”

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