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Angelina Jolie files for divorce from Brad Pitt

Los Angeles (CNN) BrexPitt – Hollywood power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting divorced.

In true movie star fashion — the official reason — irreconcilable differences.

But TMZ reported that Jolie had concerns “with the way Brad was parenting” and that she was “fed up” with his heavy use of weed and alcohol.

Other media outlets suggested Pitt had an affair with a co-star and with Russian hookers, of using hard drugs, and of verbally and physically attacking one of their children on a private plane.

brad ang over 1

Pitt denies all of those allegations and is reportedly angry at the way he’s been portrayed in the divorce filing and by the media.

Jolie and Pitt have been together for more than 11 years — married for two. They have six kids.

Jolie has asked for sole custody but would allow Pitt visitation rights.

brad ang twins

The relationship between the Hollywood mega stars began onscreen with a movie about a marriage, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” and ended with a flick featuring a similar plot line, “By the Sea.”

Psychotherapist, author of “The Relationship Fix” and host of VH1’s “Couple’s Therapy” Dr. Jenn Mann joined “CNN Newsroom L.A.” to help explain what went wrong and where Brangelina goes from here.

dr. jenn

Dr. Jenn Mann — psychotherapist, author of “The Relationship Fix” and host of VH1’s “Couple’s Therapy”

brad ang overJohn Vause: “In Hollywood, divorce is as common as botox and boob jobs. But it almost seemed that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were above that.”

Dr. Jenn: “We don’t really know what the divorce rate is in Hollywood. It seems like Hollywood spouses change their spouses more than their underwear. That’s not really the case. We don’t hear a lot about the celebrities who have been married for 50 years who die together — whose marriages last. We hear about the ones who don’t. We don’t know how many of these relationships that end are publicity stunts. It doesn’t appear that Brad and Angelina were that kind of situation. But we’re also dealing with humans. We’re dealing with flawed people.”

“Every season on my show “Couple’s Therapy with Dr. Jenn Mann” on VH1, I start off by talking to people about how you guys are dealing with the same issues that everyone else is dealing with, except on top of that, you’re dealing with love scenes, you’re dealing with travel, you’re dealing with temptation that most people don’t have to deal with. And look, the truth is, most celebrities — to be drawn to Hollywood — you have to have a certain level of narcissism. When we look at the stats on that, celebs tend to have higher rates of narcissism which makes it harder to have a successful relationship.”

aniston memeVause: “While a lot of people were surprised and saddened by the news, there were a lot of memes on the Internet with Jennifer Aniston’s reaction — making a lot of those ‘I told you so’ looks or celebrating the news out there. Clearly, a lot of people are still Team Jennifer. But are we kinda stereotyping this relationship between Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie? It seems kinda unfair that we’re sorta stoking this rivalry between these two.”

Dr. Jenn: “I think it really buys into — who out there hasn’t been hurt, jilted, experienced disloyalty? I think we project that all onto Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer Aniston’s clearly moved on. She’s happily married. She’s doing her own thing. I don’t know that she’s sitting around thinking about Brad Pitt for five minutes of her day. But I’m sure there is a little bit of, ‘Huh? Ya know.'”

Written and produced by: Ben Bamsey for “CNN Newsroom L.A.”

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